Why Proteins Are Important

Why Proteins Are Important To Human ?

Why Proteins are important ? Protein from foods will break through into the body to become peptides, and then broken down into Amino acids. Amino acids divided into essential amino acids and amino acids condition. The so-called essential amino acids, that is, the body can not manufacture and must be from food/supplement intake of amino acids.

Nine essential amino acids the body needs, once the lack of such essential amino acids, the body will be a problem . The conditions of amino acids, that is our body sometimes can be made, but in some cases can not be manufactured, these acids on human health is also very important.

Essential amino acids, by definition, must be absorbed from food in the form of protein. Egg quality  (Protein) from hundreds of years ago the chemical composition of the human body from the first to be discovered.

So had it in Greek, “the most important” (Proteos) to name the meaning of words . Humans have 60 percent to 70% moisture is the second largest multi protein. If not the protein, people basically can not architecture together.

Proteins Supply Body Energy

In addition to body composition, protein can also adjust the body’s pH and osmolality, and with fats, carbohydrates, like, can be used for combustion, the supply of energy. Of course, the body will be used to burn, usually first is carbohydrates, followed by the fat, the last will be used proteins.

The weight loss, the first reduction in body weight, usually first is water, followed by fat, and finally protein. Thus, proteins are the body’s most important basic composition of the material, the last resort, the body will not take protein to burn. If you eat too many carbohydrates, the body will be automatically stored as glycogen or fat, but protein can not be easily stored.

The Importance Of Protein For Muscle Building.

Generally divided into two kinds of protein, namely plant protein and animal protein , but also will it be broken down into more common whey protein, soy protein and casein. These three proteins in the human stomach is completely absorbed by the time varies, whey protein : most easily absorbed by the stomach, and it is extracted from the milk exploded close to the purified protein.

Gastrointestinal absorption time is about 1 to 2 hours; soy protein: the most suitable body to absorb the values of the physical properties of the protein, high nutritional value but the absorption efficiency is not as other types of protein, gastrointestinal absorption time was about 3 to 4 hours; casein: it is extracted from milk whey protein after the residual material, the general content of the milk whey protein casein ratio is high, so the price is relatively cheap, gastrointestinal absorption time is about 7 to 8 hours.

Once the protein in food to eat into the body, the stomach is decomposed into the form of amino acids before being absorbed and converted into muscles. The main source of protein is obtained eggs, meat and fish, which have high and low protein content, its absorption and utilization are also different.

When Do We Need Proteins supplement

Before and after training can be intake of protein, 3 to 4 hours before training intake of protein, can reduce the loss of muscle mass during training, the intake of protein within 30 minutes after training.

You can let the muscles get immediate supplement and muscle in synthesis the state is generally recommended protein supplement after training is more suitable, preferably before training should supplement carbohydrates.

After training in the protein supplement has its opportunity in training within 30 minutes, after the first meal to eat protein to promote muscle synthesis in the state rather than the state of decomposition.

And in the 48 hours after training and after the second meal, every 2 to 3 hours on a protein must be added, because the muscles of the muscle fiber tear condition requires a recovery period of two to three days, during this period is the golden muscle growth, protein intake can not be stopped. Can tell why proteins important on after work out.

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