Tips To Reduce Weight: Types Of Weight Loss? Pros And Cons

Tips to reduce weight will let you know how many different kind of loss weight, who need to loss weight, how to loss weight and where you need to pay attention.

What Kind of Person Should Loss Weight

Tips to reduce weight - who need to lose weightTips to reduce weight, first question. What kind of person should loss weight? Who should reduce the number of weight. How subtraction shall be based on individual physical, genetic history, energy balance, endocrine function, mental health and other decisions.

Obese women, was only morbid obesity, abdominal significantly increased, there should only be genetic history of obesity and other weight loss. And all obese men, thereby taking into account the possible cause of various diseases should loss weight, especially those abdominal obesity waist more should loss weight.

Some patients should loss weight, such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes patients should loss weight, because obesity can aggravate the disease, the treatment useless. In addition, the patient is ready to operate, if it is obese should loss weight, so that surgery can reduce the difficulty of reduced risk.

In addition, some special career women because of the need to work even though her weight does not exceed 20% of normal weight, and some even normal levels of body weight also need to reduce fat. Such as actors, fashion models, gymnasts, diplomats, public relations staff, waiters, textile workers and the like.

The Different Type of Loss Weight

Starvation diet

Starvation dietReduce food intake, refused to staple foods and carbohydrates, eat fruits, vegetables or soups. The other is to pull food law, food for them anyway, then sneak into the toilet, hand or toothbrush pull the tongue, spit out the food you just ate.

Pros : No drug side effects without hard exercise, they do not endure the pain of surgery.

Cons : diet sounds very natural, in fact, very dangerous. Can cause malnutrition, metabolic rate, anemia, decreased immunity, poor concentration, skin laxity is not shiny and so on. Although significant weight loss, but it is easy to rebound once stop dieting, starvation of cells will have no choice to absorb nutrients, increasing obesity.

Moreover, a long time can easily lead to anorexia, life-threatening. Often buckle throat had serious consequences either. Vomiting spit food process, in addition, it will also spit acid and electrolytes. Stomach acid erodes tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay, but will make the finger severe skin ulcers, discharged electrolyte is an increased load on the heart.

In addition, long-term throat deduction can be derived from a variety of illnesses, such as diarrhea, vomiting and habitual malnutrition.

Weight loss supplements

Weight Loss supplementSlimming products are mainly divided into three categories. One is an appetite suppressant by inhibiting the central nervous system, so that you do not want to eat. One is to accelerate excretion, it contains a diuretic, rhubarb, senna and other ingredients can be transferred out of the body of water directly from the body. The other is to help burn fat and calories agent, the energy you consume every day greatly increased, and discharged eat fat.

Pros: Relatively quick way to loss weight without dieting, taking convenience.

Cons: Too many counterfeit slimming supplements on the market, once you stop taking some, weight rebound will be very serious, the result will be more fat than the diet ago. If long-term use the counterfeit slimming supplements, adverse effects on the nervous system, cardiovascular and kidney. It is strongly recommended to purchase the brand ‘s sales shop or the official website.

Exercise to loss weight

Exercise to loss weightBy raising campaigns basal metabolic rate, burning body fat and weight control.

Pros: Loss weight, improve heart and lung function at the same time, prevention of cardiovascular disease, is a healthy and effective way to loss weight.

Cons: Not all sports have good weight loss effect. After high intensity exercise, blood sugar levels will be reduced, people will feel appetite, accidentally will eat food calories more than consumed calories during exercise. The short-term exercise, such as dance aerobics, duration of only about one hour or so, then just begin to break down fat but you stop the movement, so how to loss weight?

There are quick explosive sport, get exercise is mainly white muscle fiber, such fiber cross-sectional thick, use this method to loss weight only the more practice the more muscle grow to make you heavier.

Liposuction slimming

Liposuction slimmingOpen a small hole at the place where you want to do liposuction, inserted the liposuction tube into the fat layer, then use negative pressure liposuction machine to suck out the fat.

Pros: Just half an hour to one hour, immediately reduce body weight, while also shaping the slim body curve.

Cons: A single pump body parts will lead to harmonious proportions. Such as arms liposuction done, it will look more fat at back, then had to do back liposuction. After surgery also need to wear tights cloth, more than a month of recovery is difficult to endure.

After surgery, often need to do a massage or local skin becomes less smooth, easy bruising receded. If not pay attention to adjust the diet, weight will still rebound, no different from previous surgery.

Cut stomach to loss weight

Cut stomach to lose weightNormal stomach capacity is about 1000 to 1100 cubic centimeters. After done this surgery, stomach capacity become 20 to 30 cubic centimeters. Just eat a little things you will feel full. This surgery has been very popular in Japan and Europe.

Pros: Certainly significant to loss weight, and studies have shown that the incidence of fatty liver after surgery dropped from 82% to 3%, hyperlipidemia prevalence decreased from 72% to 5%, and the incidence of hypertension decreased from 46% to 5%.

Cons: This surgery is considered last therapy treatment of obesity. Surgery requires general anesthesia, there are certain risks may lead to stomach after tearing such as bleeding. Furthermore, since the stomach is reduced, and access to food by the body vitamins and minerals may not meet demand, the need to add some extra vitamins. It is only suitable for those severely overweight people.

Instrument weight loss

Instrument weight lossWe can always see the large instrument at the beauty salon, use vacuum to suck fat accumulation at low current slowly massage, vibration, help muscle movement, to clear the lymphatic channels, eliminate toxins, eliminate excess fat effect. Another is hot in TV direct sales programs rejection of fat. Through the current shock , crushing fat parts arms, waist, legs and other fat.

Pros: For fear hardship lazy person who want to loss weight.

Cons: Beauty salons slimming instrument although the process are comfortable, but the effect is minimal, often smashed a lot of money but do not see much results. And intense vibration rejection of fat can cause internal organs to generate displacement, and even cause mechanical damage also suppresses gastric acid secretion and motility of the stomach, resulting in abdominal feel full, feel pain and other gastrointestinal symptoms, resulting in a high incidence of gastrointestinal disorders. Women also appear menstruation, as excessive, dysmenorrhea and uterine prolapse.

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What Ingredients On The Diet Pills Should Pay More Attention

  1. AmphetamineHas been included in most countries prescription weight loss drugs with caution, it can inhibit the effectiveness of nerve reduce appetite, but resistance is clear that those who will be taking the emotional excitement, hallucinations and other reactions, like taking drug, and the fact on this drug is very addictive and difficult to withdrawal.
  2. Fenfluramine – Although the weight loss drug manufacturers do not produce it, but still can see in pharmacies everywhere, but is placed at the counter treatment of mental diseases. It was a diet pill industry star, slimming effect is obvious, but long-term use can lead to serious cardiovascular disease. So, do not rely on the network to incite, slimming pills Fenfulaming is the most effective slimming ingredient.
  3. Senna – A Network popular weight loss drugs. Although it is known toxic side herbs, but it leads to very serious consequences. Such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, severe can lead to internal bleeding or life threatening.
  4. SpirulinaIt does have the effect of lowering cholesterol and many people have reported after taking Spirulina bowel preparation fluent, but simply can not lose weight accordingly to explain it is also effective, at most, it can make you more healthy intestinal environment.
  5. Chitin Its principle is similar to the role of orlistat, which is the body can not digest fiber almost. Into the intestine, it can prevent fat being absorbed by the body and it itself will scramble and intestinal fat absorption relative to that its mechanism of weight loss and utility still belongs acceptable. But if taking a long time, it causes the body can not absorb fat soluble vitamins, harmful to health.
  6. HydrochlorothiazideTypical diuretics can quickly digestion symptoms of edema, but could easily lead to abuse of the body electrolyte imbalance, dry mouth, nausea, fatigue, weakness and other symptoms. Said if  long-term use, it will lead to hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia, renal tubular. It has a great harm of human body central nervous system.
  7. Vitamin B3Weight loss and skin whitening vitamin B3, will actually lead to accidents! A few years ago in Singapore, led to including well-known artists, including several female liver injury Slim10, Cause is added vitamin B3 overdose. Experts advise that vitamins are abundant in the liver, peanuts, whole wheat products, daily food intake by fully meet the requirements, you do not need to take special.

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