Testosterone Booster

What is Testosterone Booster

Testosterone Booster – medically known as hormones. Most of the male hormone testosterone produced by the testes, adrenal cortex from a small outside.

A healthy adult men secrete a day only 6-7 mg of testosterone, but its role in the body is huge. It zygote into a little boy, it makes a little boy into a mighty handsome man and It also maintain the male characteristics. Man’s life in all physiological and psychological changes all rely on it.

Although testosterone is male hormones, in female body also contain a certain amount of testosterone, but in number is about 1/20 of men.

How Important is Testosterone at BodyBuilding

Testosterone Tablets effects on human movement is extremely diverse. For fitness, the muscular growth of its most important regulatory role.

Testosterone by directing the body’s transportation system, the amino acids, sugars and other substances transported to muscle repair, synthesis, reinforcement, etc. To let’s muscle growth.

At the same time, testosterone can improved our sport endurance, resistance to fatigue and physical training. So testosterone is a hormone focus attention.

Of course, as a male hormone, testosterone also promote body development and sexuality. Men with low testosterone usually act a little “sissy”.

Effects of Testosterone Tablets on Skeletal System

For teenagers, puberty testosterone can stimulate bone growth and prevention of osteoporosis. In adults, testosterone serve to reduce bone loss and prevent osteoporosis an important role.

Healthy men 40 years of age will be gradually reduced secretion of testosterone. Which causes accelerated bone breakdown, bone synthesis was inhibit, resulting in human bone volume and bone mineral density were reduce. Continues to grow after easy lead to osteoporosis or fractures.

In our lives, many believe that osteoporosis often occurs in women after menopause. In fact, osteoporosis in men is not uncommon, but often ignored.

Effects of Testosterone on The Muscular System

Sports scientists to testosterone as a muscle is often the engine of growth, it promotes human muscle to increase muscle by adjusting the internal growth factors.

Testosterone can make those muscle underdevelopment, poor physical fitness of the people consume more nutrients to synthesize muscle, while making the muscles stronger and more powerful.

For those low or insufficient testosterone levels in adult men, by increasing testosterone levels, a strong body, reduce fat accumulation, ultimately, high quality of life.

In the human aging process, body fat increases, while muscle size and strength will reduce the body will become bloated, much reduced activity.

Many domestic and foreign medical experts believe that an appropriate complement of endogenous testosterone or testosterone nutrition on health can have a beneficial role in promoting.


Testosterone Booster: Strong hormone, a lot of people probably think of stimulants. In fact, as testosterone and estrogen, is a hormone secreted by the human body.

Hormone released by the body after some special blood cells to synthesize active substances having a life, by regulating the metabolic activity of cells in various tissues in vivo to affect our lives, and strengthen our ability to adapt to the environment.

Testosterone booster belongs Steroid hormones. Usually by the male testes or the female ovaries , adrenal glands also secrete a small amount of testosterone.

IOC exogenous testosterone as stimulants, prohibit athletes. So many people mention testosterone is not legal. In fact, ordinary people for ordinary purposes, whether male or female, or the body’s own testosterone secretion have a major impact on our health including increased strength, fight osteoporosis, improve cardiovascular function and maintain sexual health effects.

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