Surprising Health Benefits of Having Sex

The Surprising Health Benefits of Having Sex  

Sex is something we often do. We all know that having sex is good for the body health. But how good and what is the benefits? Many people do not understand. So, let see what is the Benefits of Having Sex. 

  • Increase confidence 

San Francisco, United States sex experts said that. If a person have a good performance in bed. It not only make your partner fell happier, but also feel full of confidence and strength. This is a good benefits of having sex for men.

  • Protect men heart

A study by the University of Belfast in the United Kingdom shows that. Men who have sex three times a week can cut the risk of heart disease in 50%. A surprising benefits of having sex for men.

  • Help sleep

Caressing and sex can release endorphins to promote sleep. So that couple can easily get into sweet dream after having sex at night.

  • Relief pain

Sex should be no pain. After the orgasm, pituitary gland secretes endorphins. It helps to relieve body aches, joint pain and even menstrual pain also can be reduce.

  • Effective weight loss

Having a short 30 minutes of sex can burn 200 calories. It help people subtract the excess of fat inside body to maintain a slim and attractive body.

  • Menstrual regularity 

Scientists at Columbia University and Stanford University have found through studies that. Women have more regular menstrual cycles if they have sex at least once a week. This is a good benefits of having sex for women.

  • Relax 

US gynecologists in Massachusetts said that. Sex can effective inhibit the anxiety because of the slow, gentle, caress between the couple. It can calm down and forget the sadness.

  • Improve relationship 

The Oxytocin released at orgasm not only improves mood, but also makes you feel more intimate with your partner especially for women. In fact, not only sex, touching or foreplay also can promote a large number of oxytocin release.

  • Relieve stress 

Encountered bothering, yelling at it. Better use sex and love to release it. Many psychologists suggest that, sex is one of the best ways to get out of stress.

  • Progress or regression 

American Marriage Experts point out that sexual abilities are also a kind of technology. The more sex you have, the more sex hormones can be stimulate. It helps enhance sexual desire and the sexual abilities too.

  • Anti aging

Scottish neurophysiologists in England say that. Aggressive sexual life can slow aging process and keep us young.

  • Teeth health care 

Semen contains zinc, calcium and other substances that can protect teeth. It help leaving the teeth brighter and stronger. Yeah…But first, pay attention to hygiene.

  • Vent 

Soft and comfortable bed is a good place to release violence and control bad mood and behavior. Couple with happy sexual life also less extreme depressive violence occurs.

  • Looks young 

The study found that sex makes women look younger. In this study, a test men looked at the mirror and evaluated the other side of the woman. Those who are rate “very young” who have an average of 4 sex times per week. This is not a coincidence! Because studies have long been found that sex can promote estrogen secretion, it can help make women skin more smooth and a shiny hair. This is a surprising benefits of having sex for women.

  • Increase resistance 

The researchers analyzed 111 volunteers aged 16-23 years and found that. Once or twice a week of sex, the number of type A immunoglobulin in vivo increased by 30%. Thereby increasing the resistance to help people prevent colds and flu.

  • Good mood

Semen contains zinc, calcium, protein and other nutrients. It has a great benefit to the female body. Moreover, one study found that women who did not use condoms in their sex life had a more positive mood and were less likely to suffer depression. However, researchers also emphasize that this result applies only to loyal partners.

  • Prevent urine leakage 

Sex can enhance the strength of the pelvic muscles to get the benefits for better control of urination. It also effectively prevent urinary incontinence. This is a good benefits of having sex for both men and women.


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