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Sport Nutrition
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Advance Supplements – Sport Nutrition Sport

Sports Nutrition – Nutritional Supplements

Advanced supplement to compliment your fitness goals.

Give your body the support that it needs during training. From performance to recovery, we’ve got what you need to take your athletic performance to the next level. Build, Repair and Recover with the Bauer Nutrition sports nutrition supplements.

When we do exercise, human body will begin to break down metabolic path and will start to add more substance to provide skeletal for muscle energy use.

In the decomposition of hormones, Cortisol is has the greatest impact. Cortisol secretion will be in high-intensity exercise, or low blood sugar, increase blood glucose and amino acids to provide a level of muscle use. And will speed up to reach the plains of motion.

Synthetic hormones affect the metabolism of insulin based. When high blood sugar or high blood concentrations of amino acids will stimulate insulin secretion.

Accelerated glycogen storage and covering, increase protein synthesis, increased amino acid transport, enhance muscle flow, reduce protein degradation and reduced cortisol secretion.

Therefore, the correct sport nutritional supplement effective to inhibit the decomposition effects, synthesis stage and accelerating recovery.

Creatine Creatine 1

Sport Nutrition Creatine play an important role in the explosive growth of the muscle, having creatine sport nutrition allows you to enhance muscle strength of nearly 20% , that is, when you do weight-bearing actions you can lift more weight, while delay “fatigue” to let your muscles get better training , thus speeding up muscle growth, while allowing you to quickly recuperate.

Protein Protien

Regular Sports and fitness who having protein, sport nutrition. If they can develop eating habits that will help increase muscle, for people who want to get fit is helpful. Proteins are a very effective sport nutritional supplements, which can help men and women to increase muscle early realization plan.

Testosterone Boosters sport 1

Testosterone boosters are sports nutrition industry, more and more people to benefit from their an emerging field. Men are turning to these supplements Legion, efforts to improve energy, increase endurance and muscle-building in the gym and also improve sexual performance in bed. 

Is essentially a male hormone testosterone. This hormone is vital to reproductive and sexual development. Testosterone is widely regarded as the most significant male hormones. Women produce testosterone as well. However, the resulting lower level than men.

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