SizeGenetics Review – A Complete Penis Extender Review You Should Read

Complete Review of SizeGenetics You Should Read

Most women may claim that they do not put size into consideration, but the fact is size does matter. There are numerous studies reveal that women choose men with a larger penis over those with smaller one. This may not be the only qualifications for men, but it does make guys attractive.

In fact, there are lots of men who are not confident and even getting nervous in bed because of the size of the penis. If you are hoping for bigger and thicker penis, there are lots of extender device available in the market. However, even there are an enormous amount of extender in the market, but most problems with those devices are either ineffective of too expensive.

But, an exception does exist as there is SizeGenetics to help improve the size of the penis. One of the great benefits of this device is high-quality materials, long-lasting, and effective results. If you already familiar or have done some research before getting in here, click the button bellow to let us direct to the main point!

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What is Sizegenetics

Sizegenetics DeviceThe SizeGenetics is a penis extender device which has been clinically proven to help increase the penis size. Numbers of doctors have been recommended the device as a non-surgical treatment for those who have a problem with penis size and curvature.

The device is produced as a traction tools specifically designed to give tension to the penis. It is a kind of aid to hold the penis and outstretched it. The main purpose of using the device is to get a bigger size and better curvature of the penis.

The purpose can be achieved after several months session of using the device since the cell in the penis begin to divide. This results in the penis become thicker and longer in size. In addition, continuous tension on the penis may also stretch the ligaments which are connected to the pubic bone.

The best thing about this device is that it is clinically proven to effectively improve the size of the penis. There are lots of doctors and medical practitioners all over the world endorse the use of this device. Besides improving the size of the penis, this device is also effective in improving the erections quality. Plus, no one will notice if you use the device under loose clothing.

Sizegenetics Review

Sizegenetics Review

For those who have never tried or seen penis extender device before, this device may look like a weird gimmick or marketing item. However, it is important to know that there is actual science behind the device creation. Therefore, it gives actual results and serves more than just a marketing gimmick.

The penis extender device works in a simple way in which it holds the penis in constant tension. The device is one of the choices in the market which provides tension of -2,800 grams. There are lots of other comparison devices but this device is safe to use.

The device is a creation of USA and Denmark researchers who work hard to design and decide the right tension for the device. The device holds the penis in constant tension which results in tissue breakup. Then the new cell will begin to replace the damaged cells. The cell replication is believed to increase the girth and length of the penis.

To get the desired length, the penis is inserted into the extender device, then, it is stretched into the certain length state. During this state, the cells in the penis experience traction. To compensate with the traction, the cells start to divide. This is believed to make the penis become longer and larger in size. Also, this stage is believed to make penis able to hold more blood and getting larger in results.

In addition, the ligaments that connect penis to the pubic bone will also lengthen and leads releasing the inner penis side in the body. Therefore, you can gain longer penis size using the device. The best condition to use the device is when the penis is in the flaccid state. Then, insert the penis into the base of the ring on the device.

Use the plastic ring to fasten the device as well as securing the base of the penis. Then strap the comfort pad and pull down the loop carefully and secure the head part. You can adjust the tension or traction level through the two parallel bars in the length of the device. If it is needed, you can increase the tension through turning the knobs toward the penis.

To enable the device to stretch out, the extender device should be thatched until the end of the penis. The device will automatically pull the penis even when you do not put lots of pressure on it.

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How Sizegentics Peyronies Device Help Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronies Device

The Peyronies disease or also known as bent penis is a condition in which the curvature of the penis is abnormal because of the formation of the tunica and plague along the penis. This condition causes painful erection and in some cases also causes complete erectile dysfunctions. The condition is usually found on men in age between 40 to 60 years old.

There are some treatments available for this bent penis condition ranging from natural methods to surgical treatments. The natural treatments of this condition are varied using penis extender such as SizeGenetics. As a traction based extender, this device is one of the most effective and noninvasive methods to enlarge the size of the penis.

The device is, however, not only effective to increase the size of the penis but also for Peyronies disease home treatment. This is because the device is used as traction therapy. Numbers of studies, even some which are conducted by the National Institute of Health, support that the device is effective to treat the disease.

This extender device creates mechanical and progressive traction or tension to the penis. The tension, however, creates microtears in the penis cells which includes plaques that contribute the disease formation. Breaking up the plaques will eliminate the curvature of the penis.

As this treatment is a non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical method to treat Peyronies disease, the SizeGenetics gives less negative side effects compared to other invasive medical treatments. The only side effect of using the device is quite positive as you will get longer and thicker penis. This is the best solution for people who searching for peyronies disease home treatment.

Peyronies Disease Treatment Comparison

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The Pros of Sizegenetics

  • Comfortable use – the most important thing that people look for when searching for penis enlargement device is the comfort matter. Different from other similar devices, SizeGenetics put the comfort factor in the front line. They fully understand that no normal man will put his penis into an uncomfortable device. However, on the first time of use, some people may experience of soreness and discomfort and that is normal when trying new product. The feeling will eventually disappear after regular use. Compared to other devices on the market, this device offers the most comfort when in use.
  • Excellent quality – when it comes to penis enlargement device, excellent quality is something important. The design of the extender is well created and it only uses the best materials to manufacture. Since reputable company manufactures the device, you can make sure about the device’s quality. As the device is made of the best materials, you can use it for a long time without it loses the traction. The device is tough and durable, so it can be used continuously.
  • Good amount of traction – the design of the device is aimed to provide enough traction in order to produce maximum results. Too little traction will not make any enlargement difference and if the traction is excessive, it may lead to soreness and damage on the tissues and other parts. The device has the right amount of traction to provide natural enlargement in save and secure way without damaging the tissues.
  • Long lasting result – when looking for a penis enlargement device, people look for the one which gives long-lasting result. This device promises long-lasting and instant result as the main marketing factor. Also, the device can be used for any man at any age without limitation.
  • Money back guarantee – when you are not satisfied with the device, you can claim for your money. The company offers 180 days or 6 months of money back guarantee just in case you are not satisfied with the result. However, the money back guarantee is only valid if you purchase from the official stores.
  • Erection quality – the enlargement device improves the erection quality as well as provides better grip of ejaculation. This is certainly the result that every men wants when buying the device.
  • Treatment of Peyronies disease – besides improving the erection quality, the device is also proven to help people with Peyronies disease. Peyronies disease is a condition when the curvature of the penis is abnormal due to the formation of tunica and plague in the penis. The condition results in painful erection and may lead to erection dysfunction. There are several causes which lead to this condition; however, the SizeGenetics helps people with Peyronies disease to improve their sex life.
  • Doctor endorsement – the best thing about this device is lots of doctors across the world endorse the device for non-surgical treatment. There are lots of people all over the world facing the problem of erection or small penis; therefore, this device is suitable for non-surgical treatment. Also, people can use the device discreetly without the need to go back and forth to the hospital or see doctor.
  • Certified as medical device – there are lots of other similar devices, but you need to know that not all of them have certification as medical device. This penis enlargement device has obtained the certification as a safe medical device.

The Cons of Sizegenetics

  • Extensive use – to get the maximal result of this device, you should use it in regular. It is required to use the device for at least eight hours a day. For some people, using the device requires commitment and lots of patients. If you do not have a strong commitment, you will not have the desired results.
  • Expensive – the main drawback of this enlargement device is the price. It is sold at a price. Compared to other similar devices, the SizeGenetics indeed is more expensive but it is certainly worth every penny that you spend.
  • Cold bars metal – for some people the sensation of the penis touching the cold bar is unpleasant. However, once you use it on regular, you can get used to the cold feeling.

Sizegenetics Comparison Cart

Pricing and Guarantee

When purchasing the SizeGenetics extender, it is important to only purchase from the official website to get the 6 months DOUBLE money back guarantee. With the original guarantee, you can claim to get your money back in double after 6 months of use and still see no result. Start from May 2017, the official site if offering a huge 50% Sizegenetics discount and Sizegenetics Coupon to customer.

For every purchase, you will get the device, penis health cream, leather case to store the device, spare parts, and also DVD of the proper sexual performance. Even though the price is not cheap, but this device is worth every penny of your money as you get the desired result. It is also better to choose the expensive but effective and safe device than buying cheap but not safe.

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If the size of the penis makes you lack of confident, but do not wish for surgery treatment; this penis extender device is the best solution available. The device is safe, comfortable, and gives a satisfying result. You can use the device discreetly and no one should know it.

Besides helping people to get a bigger size, the SizeGenetics also appears to be an effective natural treatment for people with Peyronie’s disease. The device helps to repair the curvature of the penis and gets it back to the original shape. The best thing of this device is there is no surgical or medical treatment required.

The penis extender device is suitable for men at any ages who wish to get bigger and longer size of the penis. As the leading extender device, only a few of other brands to reach the same quality levels of SizeGenetics. Even though the price is not cheap, but the device is giving out 40% discount and surely worth every penny that you are spending for the benefits it delivers.

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Sizegenetics Real Before & After Pictures

Sizegenetics before and after 1 Sizegenetics before and after 2 Sizegenetics before and after 3 Sizegenetics before and after 4 Sizegenetics before and after 5 Sizegenetics before and after 6


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