Push-Ups Exercise

The Right Way Of Push Ups Exercise

Do Push-Ups Exercise can show which part of body not strong enough! Do not believe that? This is the American Council on Exercise locks authority published research results. Experts say: Do push-ups can test the body almost all parts of the athletic ability, can used as physical health testing standards.

Complete a Push-Ups Exercise you need to use the arm, chest, abdomen, buttocks and legs and other parts of the muscle groups work with each other. Which can detect almost every part of the body. It’s good for building muscle.

Physical education professor at Missouri Western State University, Steve Wynn Aisitesi said human body own strength to support its own weight, can be the fastest and most accurate reflection of nerve and muscle function.

People doing push-ups can prevent aging. Elderly biomechanics researchers further noted that the movement can push a good sign whether a person has the anti-aging ability. Natural aging can cause nerve and muscle degeneration. From 20-70 years of age, physical fitness will reduced by 30 %, but regular exercise can help thicken the muscle fibers. So that the remaining muscles become stronger and help reduce the body’s physiological aging.

3 Types Of Basis Push-Ups Exercise

General push-ups: This is the most popular push-ups, both hands slightly wider than shoulder width, feet together, chest tighten waist and abdomen, elbow and then let the center of gravity down to the chest close to the ground fast 1 cm position, pause, and then focus on chest big muscle power quickly pushed up. This is our most popular push-ups in general, the main exercise the pectoralis major.

Close Grip Push-Ups: The distance between your hands shoulder width or narrow shoulder. Other parts of body same with General Push-Ups. The main exercise for this push-Ups is to train raphe of pectoralis major and arm triceps.

Wide Grip Push-Ups: The distance between the hands and shoulder width far. Other parts of body same with General Push-Ups. This push-ups the main exercise is for outside of Pectoralis major and shoulder.


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