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What Is Pheromone

Pheromone Spray –  Pheromone is a invisible and tasteless chemical molecules, It’s derived from human body. It can divergence from sweat glands and skin cells, but most intensive parts are at the forehead, middle of upper lips and armpit.

Every released pheromone molecule carries your unique personal and chemical signals. Artificial pheromones can be another way to get love.

Every released pheromone molecule carries your unique personal information and chemical signals. It including your desires and motives.

When your pheromone and other people’s pheromones drift in the air every day, they are looking for the same. Once they impact, it will begin to release the message to send to each other and a direct impact on the brain responsible for the subconscious mind.

Pheromone was used long ago

At Shakespeare Times, there is a popular game name: A game of love.

The girl will cut a piece apple, put on their armpit and then dip their own sweat on the apple and give it to the love one. If the other likes the taste of the apple, the two sides will develop. This is the power of pheromones.

Although the pheromone can make us pay attention to a person, but this can only represent the level of acceptance of his level. Do not guarantee to overcome the success of the senses and other senses.

So when you are tempted by your own pheromones, do not make irrational decisions or actions. Be responsible for yourself and do not hurt others.

Sex Pheromones in Humans

According to medical report, the female genitals are indeed some aromatic glands exist. It will secrete a called “pheromones” this very attractive material may further cause to improve man sexual excitement.

In fact, male penis also has some “special” smell (of course not the so-called urine taste or sweat smell). Women smell the same will be inexplicable after the excitement to improve her sexual desire.

Pheromones Spray

The ability to achieve good results in promoting gender relations is inseparable from the ingredients it uses. Through the plant flowers to attract the opposite sex.

It is understood that pheromone perfume is not only the pheromone pheromones, it also include some ingredients such as:

  • Magnolia flower
  • Black grapes
  • lily
  • Peony
  • Androstenone

And through the golden ratio to achieve the most attractive flavor, it is in the soft atmosphere to show the charm so that your lovers can not stop.

Benefits of Pheromone Spray

  • Attract the opposite sex, increase the opposite sex to your favor, enhance your personal charm, make it easy for you to make more heterosexual friends
  • Inspire love, let your lover love you more
  • Help the cause, use it in business activities, because the role of pheromones so that they in the subconscious to have a good impression on you
  • Get confident, use pheromones to make people around you to trust you and feel your confidence
  • Inadvertently attracts the opposite sex, it is the social activities especially the exchange of sex between men and women with a catalytic role

The Best Pheromone Spray

A group of scholars believe that pheromone is the main reason for the impact of gender attraction. Some people even call it “love elixir” because not much animals can resist their power, and even insects are no exception.
Facts have proved that, they painted a little pheromone at the male moth body. All the female moths can not suppress, have to fly to the male moths even there are barrier in the middle.
Human development in the evolution of a special organ, that is, VNO (pear nose). According to the study of human anatomy, VNO is the best detector to help us search for the other half.

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The Best Pheromone Spray For Women

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Where To Buy Pheromone

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The Proper Use of Pheromone Perfume

  1. After bath or going out at the morning. Spray the perfume in the air and then walk into the air. Let your hair, cloth and body absorb the fragrance of floating elements.
  2. Carry a bottle of perfume. Before going for a meal, spray a little in the hair, clothing. It can avoided to absorb the smell of food, to maintain fragrance consistency.
  3. Spray it on the shoulder, it has a good effect. The fragrance will be more gentle through the clothes.
  4. Sprayed on the handkerchief and placed it in handbag or shirt pocket. When open the handbag for makeup, or wear off the clothes there will be light and charming fragrance scattered.
  5. Sprayed on the pillow before going to bed at night. This will make your hair have some fragrance after woke up and stay charming. Do not spray on the body before sleep, it will be too strong.
  6. No matter how, remember to be responsible for yourself and do not hurt others.

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