Male Penis Enhancement – Size, Enlargement and Worship

Male Penis Enhancement

Penis size

The size of the penis statistics, according to the statisticians have the following sets of data:
  1. 470 adolescents for static penile length determination, found that those over the age of 17 penis length was around 7.0 to 9.8 cm
  2. 900 cases of 25-35 year-old man for the determination of the length of the static penile length of 6.9 (+ – 1.4 cm), a diameter of 2.5 (+ – 0.4 cm), negative pressure erection state penile length 11.6 (+ – 1.7 cm), a diameter of 3.3 (+ – 0.4 cm)
  3. Investigated 2029 adult men penis length, with an average of 7.21 (plus or minus 2.59 cm).
For the definition of small penis, there is no uniform standard. In the past that the static penile length measurement <4 cm for the small penis. And now the length of the penis as the standard, that the reference value for small penis: neonatal <2.5 cm, adults <5.5 cm.
Noted: static penile length – measuring the length of the penis is weak, from the pubic symphysis (lower abdomen can reach the bone structure) to the urethral orifice distance.
Penile stretch length – with the thumb and index finger grip the glans head sulcus, pulling the penis to fully stretch, and then measured by static length measurement.
As for the length of the penile erection, there is little such information by now. Because of traditional medical concepts, doctors are more concerned about the sexual maturity of sexual organs, with or without fertility. There is not enough data on “minor” penile erection length, generally believed that after penile erection in 10-19 cm are normal.

Penile erection mechanism

Why a normal look so weak but will become hard and powerful after erection? We believe, this has made people feeling confused at this.
This starts with the anatomy of the penis. The main structure of the penis are urethra and sponge. Sponge is like its name, the structure is like a sponge. It is composed of a vascular sinus. Usually, it just a little blood flow through, it about 4 ml per minute, the entire penis in a state of weakness.
When there is sexual excitement, in the stage of induced penile erection, blood flow can be increase to 80 -120 ml per minute, with an average of 100 ml or more. Even after full erection, to maintain this erection, the hardness of the erection still requires 20-40 ml of blood flow per minute into the penis. Under this increasing blood flow, the pressure in this “sponge” suddenly increases and the penis erects and becomes stiff.
The reason is the same as cheer on the tire, when the inflated, the tire becomes hard. Of course, the mechanism of penile erection is much more complicated than this and it is a dynamic balance. Is constantly their congestion and blood reflux, which has to maintain a certain pressure within the penis to maintaining the erection and its hardness.
Therefor, the main factor of the size and hardness is about the how much blood flow in to the penis.

Penis develops and worship!

No matter how many doctors and sexual knowledge website has told people that, second chance of adult penis develop is impossible.
The main factor of the sexual life is decided by both men and women But few people really listen the advice.
One of the simple facts is that having a strong “gear” not only gives men a great pride but also makes it easier for women to have a satisfying sex life.
The true is, the “worship of the genitals” of males is born out of life.
This can be found from the ancient “genital worship” era. In all the world’s species, the ratio of human genitalia to body weight is the largest of all animals.
Not only that, the development of human beings today, especially the functioning of body systems, has seriously deteriorated. The only exception is that the genitals of men are steadily increasing. Therefore, some religious groups think that human beings are living in a “eradicating poverty” and “lurking in sex” now day.

Penis Enlargement method

Now every day at the internet we can see many “junk advertising”, there are many claims that the penis can once again “development” because of his best male enhancement pills. These people should get the Nobel Prize! Male enhancement pill can only increases blood flow to penis, increase male libido and gives energy to users for a better sex life. But it can can make our penis to grow 2 more inch.
Because when I was in school, I knew that when human sexual organs mature, it is impossible to “develop” again. This is a scientific conclusion. If this conclusion has been overthrown, of course they are eligible for the Nobel Prize, which is also our human “pride”!
So, penis enlargement is impossible? No, as long as we willing to work hard, sure we can increase our penis size. There are methods that really work great on male penis enhancement such as penis pump and penis extender devices.  
For example, a thin man, he can have strong muscles as long as he is willing to work hard to exercise. This is not to say that his muscles “re-develop” after exercise, it is the muscle fibers “increase.” Instead, after exercise, each of his original muscle fibers became stronger and thicker. In this way, his overall muscle appearance becomes strong. Therefor, men need penis workout system to get the male penis enhancement effect just like people go to gym room doing workout everyday. 
Similarly, a man after mature penis can not be re-developed, so that increased blood vessels within the penis cavernous sinus! However, as long as you are willing to work hard, you can increase the congestion of each vascular sinus, and the elastic fibers in the sinus can stretch to some extent.
As each of your vessels grows with full congestion, your penis as a whole grows and thickens. Of course, this growth has some physiological limits. How to increase the amount of vascular sinus congestion?
We have already said above, to determine the size of the penile erection the main factor is how much blood can hold and flow thru the penis. So, the key to increasing penis size is to do penis exercise and increase the amount of blood flow to the penis.
First of all, you need have a normal sexual system, sexual organ function. The most important factor that regulates the functioning of the sexual system and normal sexual function is the hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis balance.
When the hypothalamus – pituitary – gonad axis dysfunction, imbalance, when people are prone to sexual dysfunction. At this point, talking about increasing the penis is just a kind of empty talk. If your sexual ability is not very good, please first do some treatment. Regulating your sexual healthy system and sexual organs back to normal.

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