What is Male Enlargement Surgical

What Is Male Enlargement Surgical

A lot of people do not understand what is male enlargement surgical? Now we come to explain in detail here, so that the public can get more information on male enhancement surgical. So that the  men can learn more about this surgery method.

Some men are not satisfied with  their own penis size and wish to make some change thru penis enlargement surgical. But not everyone can make the penis plastic surgery, the doctors generally do not recommend do penis enlargement surgery.

Only stunted penis, penis trauma defects, small penis deformity etc., serious affect life quality, not even the normal sexual intercourse, so bring patients great physical and mental suffering, there is a strong subjective desire, and clearly know willing to take the risk of surgery and the risk of possible surgical failure, before consideration for surgery.

Types of Penis Enlargement Surgical

Penis size in the normal range do not affect quality of life, penis enlargement surgical expectations are too high and the patients lack of awareness on surgical risk were not suitable to do penis enlargement surgical.

Male can do penis enlargement surgery methods as follows:

Obese men: Because the body abdominal fat layer is relatively thick, causing the penis is buried in the fat layer. In this situation with a fat extraction machine to remove abdominal fat or surgical to remove the fat layer. In appearance there is the effect of extending the length of the penis.

Pure fat injection phalloplasty: This method is to extract body fat and injected into the penis. The advantage is the operation is simple, less trauma. The disadvantage is that the survival of the injected fat, the key of this issue by many factors. Also the effect is not satisfactory. The medical community has different views on this method, still in the exploratory stage, the main key is to improve the injected fat survival rate.

Prosthetic Penis Enlargement Surgical: Prosthesis Enlargement Surgical is a surgical method to treat impotence at the European countries. After implantation of the prosthesis, the penis can also grow thicker. So, Some people who have strong wish in want to increase penis size will use this method to meet their demands.

Reproductive surgery of penis enlargement surgical is the treatment of a trauma, there is a certain risk, it is impossible to guarantee hundred percent success. Unless there is a practical need.

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