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Male Edge Review 1st talk back to the history. As early as 1995, the founder DanaMedic has developed the very first and solid extender Jes-extender. Its claim as a revolutionary and surgery free product. Jes-Extender exerts traction and takes full advantage of the male natural growth and remains the best-selling products on penis enlargement method.
But they did not stand still. Instead, they developed “DanaLife” and challenged their team to design a better penis enlargement device, the device is focus on comfortable and easy of use. The Male Edge Penis Enlarger is far beyond our expectations and is one of the most innovative male enhancement device on the market.
Male Edge not only looks stylish, but also protects user privacy, making it comfortable to use even at home. Also, it is scientifically proven to always deliver the best result to user.

What is Male Edge and How it Work?

Male edge is use of “traction” to help penis growth. This is a safe and painless treatment that ensures user have a permanent result. Often, men with the Male Edge penis enlargement device achieved growth of two – three inches.
For long-term use. Steady tensile force on the penis shaft, cell division and proliferation action call cytokinesis. After some time, this performance appears in the growth of newborn cells throughout the penis, it helps to make penis thicker.

You Control Everything

With the Male Edge Penis Extender, user can decide the force of traction and the cycle to wear. The longer you wear, the bigger penis you have. You may stop using for a while if you satisfied with your new size.
Clinical Test Product Traction device is not a new method. Over the years, many specialist have used this techniques to elongate the limbs of people.
The best part, it is potential to capitalize on the natural growth of your body. In means, your body does not need labor at all. It mean every men can increase their penis at any time and any way with this groundbreaking method.
Permanent penis growth Male Edge clinical trials have shown that for simple instructions, all men with Male Edge penis enlargement will have a longer and thicker penis. In fact, many men has their penis size increase by 1.5cm to 5cm by using the Male Edge device in 3 months.And it growth permanent.
Also, user using the Male Edge Penis Extender even have a permanent growth up 40%. It mean if a 6 inches penis grow up to about 8.5 inches.

Penis enlargement – results increased size by 28%

A safe and natural surrogate for surgeries. Male Edge regains your penis, allowing you to regain the penis size you crave. On average, men using the Male Edge penis enlargement successfully gain penis length and circumference by 28% and 19% within six months.
If you use Male Edge for more than 6 months, your penis will continue to grow. If your current penis length is 7 inches, it will expected to grow up to 9 inches. If you have 6 inches of penis at the moment, expect an increase of 7.7 inches
Harder Erection This penis enlargement device does not affect erection. After using the sometimes, penile cell activity, increase blood flow, and many customers later found they had a harder erection. All in all, the Male Edge is the top rated penis enlargement device on the market.
Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease Male Edge penis enlargement device is suitable for all men with a problem of curve penis. Research shows that this device can solve the problem 100%. It can reduce the penis bending 45% – 90%. If you want to correct the penis, Male Edge will be your first choice. And end up will have a 1 to 2 inches increase of penis length.

How Much Growth that We Can Expected

If you follow the procedures, this will make your penis bigger. That is a guarantee by Male Edge. Remember, growing up penis size is not a one two day job, it need some time to make the change. Let start slowly and gradually create the great result.
It is important to remember that, using Male Edge are all depends on the total number of wearing hours. In other words, whether you’re wearing 120 days 4 hours a day or 80 days 6 hours a day, the result is same.

Expected Result:

Penis length increased by 12.5cm (5 inches)

  • 1200 grams traction – 289 days
  • 2000 grams traction – 196 days
  • 2800 grams traction – 168 days

Penis length increased by 10cm (4 inches)

  • 1200 grams traction – 163 days
  • 2000 grams traction – 103 days
  • 2800 grams traction – 95 days

Penis length increased by 7.5cm (3 inches)

  • 1200g grams – 98 days
  • 2000 grams – 70 days
  • 2800 grams – 52 days

Penis length increased by 2.5cm (1 inch)

  • 1200 grams – 47 days
  • 2000 grams – 30 days
  • 2800 grams – 24 days
If you want to make the penis bigger, Male Edge penis enlargement device will meet your need and it is 100% safe and permanent.
After this, your penis size will be impressive not matter in a state of relaxation or erection. After all, if you do not show off the result with your partner, what is the point of adding few inches?

Male Edge Common Question

  • When can we wearing Male Edge?
You may wear the Male Edge for the entire day if you are not a labor worker.
  • Can I use the Male Edge alone to get the best results?
Yes, As long as you use the Male Edge Penis Enlarger, it will continue to increase your penis size.
  • Do I need to follow any schedule?
No, you are free to wear Male Edge. Penis growth depends on the total number of hours you wear and the amount of traction applied. Everything is under your control.
  • Will the result reduce over time?
No, the penis growth is permanent.
  • Can Male Edge help Peyronie’s?
Yes. Male Edge has proven effective in correcting curved penis.
  • Do we need medical advice before using Male Edge?
No need. Male Edge comes with an instruction manual detailing on how to use the penis enlargement to enlarge your penis.
  • What happens if my penis erects when I wear the Male Edge?
Male Edge will adjust to your erection angle or you can remove it and re-install.

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Male Edge Review

If you reached this page, no matter you are a guy with a small, average size of penis or a guy with a large penis, then still, this page is equally important for you. Because in the following article I am sharing a true review about male enhancement device called Male Edge.

This device has been designed and developed in Denmark but already being equally popular all around the world due to its positive results. So, whether you already have a big penis or looking for a solution to enhance the size of your penis then you must have this Male Edge device.

But before purchase it, you must read this Male Edge Review which will help you to decide that whether you should purchase this male enhancement device or not and what type of results, benefits and results you should expect from it.

There are so many different methods are available through which you can increase the size of your penis. Some of them are totally un-natures, required surgery and usage of oils which can give you skin infection.

Indeed, these methods are proven to give you positive results but they cost a lot of money while you have to face the side effects of using these methods of enhancing the size of your penis.

Male Edge device is different. Why? Because it does not require you to waste your money on surgery, do not require you to message your penis on daily basis or go through painful treatment. Male Edge device enhance the size of the penis in a natural way.

What Is Male Edge

Male Edge is a male enhancement device which has been used to increase the size and girth of the penis. Unlike other methods of male enhancement, Male Edge is a painless, natural and comfortable method to increase the size of penis treat disease like Peyronie Disease and shape the penis.

Male Edge male extender device is one of  the world’s best penis enlargement products that proven by medical specialist research and development. After 20 years of clinical trials, this revolutionary penis enlargement products have been the ultimate medicine top edge community support and worldwide trusted by many consumers. It set off a storm sweeping through the world of penis enlargement.

This device has been clinically tested on several individuals for 6 months to see the results. To increase the size of your penis, you need to use Male Edge for 6 months but you will start seeing the positive results within 2 months. The result also depends on the size of the penis and how often you are using Male Edge for the enhancement.

How Does Male Edge Works

Male Edge enhances the size and shape of the penis through natural way by increasing the tension in penis tissues. The device steadily stretched the penis due to which some tissues get slightly broken. Due to the broken tissues, the cell replication begins which results in the growth of new penis tissues and cause the penis enlargement.

I know, the process looks painful as I have described but it does not. Using Male Edge is not uncomfortable and painful process at all. Most of the customers actually enjoyed it because they get stronger erections while using Male Edge for penis enlargement.

Male Edge Male Extender Device can make the penis length and girth to achieve permanent physical growth of 120%, and to completely improve the penis dysfunction and penis bending. This penis enlargement device is a penis enlargement provide accurate traction required amount of penis traction provides gentle with painless, safe and without side effects.

In other words, the penis gradually natural growth of cells become larger and longer penis, urologist and men worldwide orthopedic surgeon found the composite increase system device is very effective, they continue to be used in clinics and hospitals and now directly to the public.

Feature of Male Edge

  • The device is made of plastic and synthetic rubber
  • Minimum and maximum length is 3 and 8 inches
  • Male Edge comes up with two-way detect adjustments
  • Increase the length of penis up to 28%
  • Increase the girth of penis up to 19%
  • Male Edge can also correct the penis curvature
  • The device can give you stronger erections

Benefits of using Male Edge

While there are many benefits of using Male Edge the male enhancement device, but the main benefits which every user of this device will enjoy are:

  • Your penis size will be increased up to 3 inches
  • This device work for both uncircumcised and circumcised individuals
  • It is a natural and painless method to increase the size of penis
  • This device also proved to increase girth by 19%
  • You can wear this male enhancement device under your clothes
  • The device start showing your positive results within weeks
  • Male Edge will give you permanent results instead of temporary enhancement
  • This is also a great device for those who are suffering from Peyronie´s disease.


Does Male Edge Cause Any Side Effects?

If used according to the manufacturer ‘s instruction, at all the times there are no side effects.

Male Edge Guarantee

Male Edge offer all customer Double money back guarantee if your penis didn’t increased after completing the  program.

Male penis enlargement training tutorial

Most professional male special training tutorials increases , you can get the most comprehensive penis enlargement training guidance, this classic tutorial include,

  • Basic penis enlargement basic technologies
  • Advanced penis enlargement basic technologies
  • Dating advice
  • Natural increase method
  • Lean physique , fat type physique , sports type physique training methods
  • Fitness game tutorial and other parts, how to exercise guide

And many other methods and improve the overall health of the penis size and increase penis size, erection hardness, sexual pleasure, semen quality, semen quantity, time for sex, masculinity while overall.

More importantly, the long-term use this tutorial can let male function constantly upgrading and eventually give you extremely healthy, happy and confident and ultimately to bring about a qualitative leap in the quality of life.

male edge result

Price and Money Back Guarantee

The company sells three different types of male enhancement devices. There is not much difference among all of them except you will get more fancy carry care and extra rubber strap if you purchase the Pro version of the device.

The Male Edge Basic device with one rubber strap cost only $149.99 in which you will also get a carry case. The second device has been named as Male Edge Extra which comes up with a travel bag, carry case and two additional rubber straps. You will also get a protection pad for extra comfort. The price of Male Edge Extra is $174.99. The Male Edge Pro version cost $199.99 in which you will get four rubber straps, travel bag, carry case and two additional protection pads.

The company is confident with the results of their products. That’s why instead of offering a general money back guarantee, they are offering double refund guarantee! If your penis size does not increase after following the Male Edge program then you can ask for the refund from the company.

The company will not only refund your money but also pay you double money in return. This is a great option for those who have tried other male enhancement devices before and did not get any positive results. By availing the money back guarantee, you can give a try to the Male Edge male enhancement device.

Male Edge Discount Code

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Male Edge Pro – Best Seller

Male Edge ProSelling Price : £143.00

  • Male Edge Penis Enlarger
  • Ruler / measure
  • Male Edge Product Box
  • Male Edge Travel Bag
  • Official Male Edge Program
  • 4 Male Edge Extra Rubber Straps
  • 2 Protection Pad
  • 1 Cohesive Gauze
  • 1 Instruction DVD
  • Double Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • My Male Edge training diary
  • Forum Access/Community
  • Online Instruction DVD

Male Edge Extra

male edge extraSelling Price : £126.00

  • Male Edge Penis Enlarger
  • Ruler / measure
  • Male Edge Product Box
  • Male Edge Travel Bag
  • Official Male Edge Program
  • 2 Male Edge Extra Rubber Straps
  • 1 Protection Pad
  • Double Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • My Male Edge training diary
  • Forum Access/Community
  • Online Instruction DVD

Male Edge Basic

Male Edge BasicSelling Price : £110.00

  • Male Edge Penis Enlarger
  • Ruler / measure
  • Male Edge Product Box
  • Male Edge Travel Bag
  • Official Male Edge Program
  • 1 Extra Rubber Straps
  • Double Money Back Guarantee
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • My Male Edge training diary
  • Forum Access/Community
  • Online Instruction DVD

Final Verdict

If you are the one who is looking for an affordable, painless and natural method to enhance the size of your penis, then Male Edge is an ideal product. The device comes up with different accessories which also make it easy for you to travel along with the device so that you can continue the program.

Although, this device is great for those individuals who are suffering from Peyronie´s disease and the shape of their penis is not correct. Male Edge can help them to shape their penis, increase the length and girth of their penis permanently within weeks without giving any pain through natural way.


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