Exercise for lose weight and good health

Exercise for lose weight and good health
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Fitness for lose weight and good health

Weight loss is sure need to cooperate with exercise. It is necessary no matter it want to increase body consumption or for good health. And if you want to maximize the size of the body, it is a must especially the strength training. Controlling diet is not a good way for health.

So many people use running for lose weight and good health, this method is good but it is too single. And this is not a great help to improve body shape.

We need some muscle to have a great looking body shape, So we need to get in to the strength training. Some people may ask what is the strength training? what kind of strength training do we have?

Common strength training

Local or systemic training such as: training for the chest, for the legs, push-ups, heavy squat, curl. As well as sprint run, hurdles, javelin such explosive movement are belong to strength training, Remember, during strength training you need to rest. It is focus on improving muscle and use “weight load” as the standard.

Common aerobic training

Fast walking, jogging, hiking, swimming, aerobics. Aerobic training can last for a long time. It is focus on improving heart and lung fitness.

Aerobic training intensity is generally based on heart rate as a standard. In general, it is recommended that the intensity of aerobic training in the maximum heart rate between 60% to 80% (maximum heart rate calculation formula (220 – age).

There is a lot of female choose yoga or pilates as a weight loss exercise or muscle growth. In fact, this is wrong, because the intensity and training of these sports is low and consumption of energy is small.

Of course, yoga and pilates is very useful, but on the weight loss it is not too appropriate, you need choose some higher intensity exercise.

Muscle Building

Muscle is a good stuff, as long as you workout you will gain muscles. Even if you not moving, the muscles will continue consume calories. Try imagine you is an engine, the more muscle you have the more calories burned every day.

But when people into adulthood, and not pay attention in to exercise, muscle will lost day by day. So, treat your muscle as your kid, take good care for them.

Don’t Give up

Fat and muscle can not be transformed into each other, muscle is muscle, fat is fat, which is two completely different things, like oil and water.

Most people began to start fitness because of weight loss or want to get a great body. But when you do it for a few years, you will understand that the main purpose of fitness. It is not only to make your body more healthy, you will have more energy to enjoy life, feel the world.

Fitness will have to stick to the beginning once, this is a healthy way of life, why stop it? And I believe that as long as you keep on fitness for a few years. You can no longer stop, it has become a good habits.

Everything are hard at the starting point, it is supposed to be hard, if not everyone can do it, hard is whats make it great. You need to have a strong perseverance, when fitness has become part of your life, it will form a reflected condition.

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