Jelqing Exercise – Short Guide That You Need To Know

What is Jelqing?

Jelqing Exercise was first used by Saudi Arabs hundreds of years ago as a form of male culture in their nation. Having a huge, well-developed penis is a symbol of fertility and strength and can also be very attractive to women.

So, when a boy is in his adolescence, his father will teach him how to do a jelqing exercise (to squeeze the penis to increase the size). These boys squeeze their penis 30 minutes a day, this activity has to continue until the boy turn adult. Once they are adults, they reduce the number of exercise to three times per week to maintain the penis size and strength.

Jelqing Routine

They do this exercise 30 minutes, at the same time with the imagination and breathing. Some Arabs even reach the penis size 45 cm to 50 cm, 20 cm circumference! (We only need to do 4 to 5 times per week, 10 minutes per session may get the best results coordinate with Bathmate Hydromax Penis Pump)

There is no doubt that if we were instructed to do the same exercises when we were young, our penis would now be hanging like the penis of a horse!

After a year of continuous Jelqing Exercise, every young man penis can reach the length of 25 cm and circumference of 15 cm during an erection.

Don’t you want to have such a size of penis when you’re in high school? Haha… Anyway, this exercise will make your penis longer and thicker, and you have come into contact with those practices are not the same.

How Jelqing works and what is the benefits?

The reason why the jelqing exercise works? It is because by squeezing your penis to forces the blood to flow into the space of the penis, the space which is usually has limited the blood flow.

Once you squeezing, you can make the penis stretch more and more bigger, making expansion for the sponge cells. Insist on practicing every day, the space for the sponge body is getting bigger and bigger and even when sleeping at night, it also work automatically.

Within a month, you can fully see the size and hardness of the penis has been improved. After 3 to 4 months of practice, the result you can achieve is indescribable. The erect penis will be as hard as a water tube, the penis will become longer and thicker.

At the same time due to improved blood circulation. The sensitivity of the penis has also increased, the pleasure will increase tenfold.

Practice every day, after a year, your penis should be increased by 10 cm. There are records that some men doubled their penis after a year of practice. Every day practice squeezing the penis for 10 – 15 minutes like milking. So that you can increase the blood space within your penis.


  • Get better blood flow to penis

  • No tools needed

  • Get stronger erection

  • Increase penis length and thickness

  • More stamina during sex

  • Penis enlargement that can DO IT YOURSELF
  • No supplement needed

Jelqing Exercise

jelqing exerciseTo start jelqing exercise, first we need to warm-up with bath or shower to allow our muscle and skin relax, then we may do the following steps:

  1. Make penis at 50% – 70% erection state to able to push the blood (Never do it at 100% erect state).

  2. Apply lubricant, oil, cream, moisturizer or soap outside of shower or bath.

  3. A hand pressing the base.

  4. Make an OK finger gesture with other hand.

  5. Sliding it from the base to the head of the penis (do not slide till to the glans and pay attention to pressure to avoid injury).

  6. It will that about 3 seconds to finish to do the sliding, released the OK finger hand and repeat step 4 to 6 for 10 – 15 minutes. (do not do it too quickly)

  7. After finish exercise there are few signs that show your jelq exercise is successful but not all

  • penis glans should be harder

  • head of the penis will a bit more darker

  • penis overall will be redder and bigger

  • glans hole will slightly swollen or puffed up

Stop exercise or do not do to prevent injury.

  • Stop if you feel pain when jelquing
  • Do not do jelq when fully erection
  • Rest for a few days if saw purple or red spots on penis, you may broken some blood capillaries during exercise. But no need worry, it’s not dangerous. Rest few days the signs will gone.
  • Don’t grip too tight when jelquing
  • Do not slid up-end to the head
  • Can not ejaculate during the exercise
  • Do it slowly to allow blood to flow back
  • Not recommend to do jelq with person who taking male enhancement supplement

To get the best result, you may apply more lubricant or do a jelqing exercise after using penis pump such as Bathmate Hydromax Pump or Penomet hydro penis pump.

On the other hand, it can also wearing penis extender for overnight sleeping after jelq.

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