Gain Muscle Fast – How to gain a solid arm and generous shoulder

Man must have muscle, the real man should have strong arms and generous shoulder. But how to gain muscle fast? According to the following tips effort, you will have unexpected gains.

10 way on how to gain muscle fast

Additional Energy Intake

In order to quickly increase muscle, you need extra energy intake. Collection of common foods calorimeter, an other 500 kcal intake beyond daily diet. In addition, the per pound of body weight daily intake of at least 1 gram of protein. Most of the Muscle Building Supplement have enough energy that your daily need.

Aerobic Exercise Restrictions

In order to increase muscle targeted period, it should control the time and intensity of aerobic exercise. You can do jogging for two consecutive days or cycling, but note that each training time control in 30 minutes or so.

Recommend to you the following three distinctive running style, as opposed to simply jogging, they can make you fat loss while avoiding muscle breakdown.

  1. Intermittent sprint: Do first 1 minute limit sprint, followed by two minutes of jogging back to the beginning, intermittent 12 minutes. Repeat this process training for 30 minutes three times a week.
  2. Uphill run: You can add in jogging slope, the greater the slope, the greater the buttocks and thigh muscle stimulation, of course you will feel more difficult.
  3. 50m of parachute run or 50m balloon run: It is in the line behind several other small parachute or balloon waist to increase air resistance, which can effectively exercise the buttocks and legs muscles.

Reducing The Number Of Exercise

Remember, your goal is not training for a long time to keep up muscle tension, but to stimulate their growth. The useful muscle growth training methods: exercise every muscle up to 12 groups of exercises performed 612 times, the training time control in less than 45 minutes. Also, try to choose good ventilation, a large area of the gym room, using a larger weight with controlled speed to complete all the action.

Systemic Training , upper or lower limbs separated training

The use of systemic training, or upper extremity training day focus, focus on another day dichotomy lower limb training program, you will get better results. For starters, the above two methods than each training only train a muscle split training is better. Training actions to maximize the use of compound action, such as squats, dead lifts, bench press, chin-ups and barbell rowing.


Make full use of various types of stretching will help you stay flexible to avoid the pain, faster recovery and help relax muscle fascia tools. Such as foam roller.

Regular eating

Increase the number of meals, eat 5 to 6 meals a day. Every time the right amount of protein and carbohydrate intake, so the energy needed to protect both muscle growth, but also allows the body to support a high metabolic rate and help you lose weight.

Plateau or tedious period

Encounter plateau or tedious period, you should transform the training mode. You need to adjust every 46 weeks at the training program, number of attempts to change the number of training group, rest periods. While recording training logs to see how is your progress.

Balance training

In order to make sure the coordinated development of muscles, antagonistic group should choose as many numbers between muscle training. For example, do barbell rowing 5 groups for stimulus back muscles, do 5 sets of plates bench press for pectoralis major muscle stimulation. This training will balanced muscle development while avoiding injuries and maintain flexibility.

Sports drinks, energy drink

1 hour before training to eat high protein and high carbohydrate foods. Or choose energy drinks, using the ratio of proportion of 2 grams of carbohydrates and 1 gram of protein. Select the benefits of energy drinks that are more rapid than solid food digestion and absorption, easy to replenish energy.


Guaranteed 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day, not more than 4 times per week training, in any case, you should avoid the habit of over training, because over training will cause abnormal cortisol secretion.

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