Formation of Dark Circles

The Factors Formation of Dark Circles

Dark circles always make people feel tired, is the main skin problem to make a woman feels headache. So, to prevent dark circles, we must first know the factors formation of Dark Circles.

Genetic factors

Many people have familial “panda eyes”. It appear dark circle on early age which may be due to genetic factors. Because of excessive melanin around the eye.

Eye fatigue

Sleep also has a great influence on the formation of dark circles, the lower the probability of sleep sooner dark circles appear. Some people do not seem convinced and said: I sleep late, but I wake up late, I do not lack of sleep, just the time is difference.

Unfortunately, sleep too late, even if you sleep a longer time is difficult to stop you to have dark cycle. So, go to bed at around 10pm or 11pm.

Also, when we focus on doing some thing over time, our eyes blink will be low. In this case, the eyelids will be easy in a state of edema, lymphatic poor return, Once a long time Pigment will be deposited. It is easy to become a permanent black cycle. So, no matter how busy, do not forget to blink.

Bad habit

Besides of excessive use of eyes, there are many bad habits can make you have dark circles often. For example: After makeup not cleaned, too much alcohol cause allergic dark circles, smoking, nicotine leads to vasoconstriction may direct stimulation of the eye. Therefore, get rid of bad habits can let you looks more Beauty.

Skin Aging

Skin aging process will cause skin sagging, it will form a sagging bags under the eyes. Bags under the eyes will cause the shadow effect, this is just the visual effect. Raised your chin look from below the dark circles will disappear.

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