Crazy Mass VS Crazy Bulk – Which Legal Steroids Supplements are More Better

Crazy Mass vs Crazy Bulk

Which One to Choose?

When it comes to gaining the muscle mass and bulking at the gym, there is nothing more effective than combining legal steroids to help reach the dreamed body. For all the time, bodybuilding field desired for effective, safe, and also legal steroid altogether.

It is not something much to ask because steroids should be legal, safe, and effective. There are ample of bulking steroids available in the market, but finding the right one may take some of your time since you need to get some research and read reviews.

Steroids or body building supplements are specific supplements which developed to speed up and boost the muscle development. This supplement may be very helpful but some others may put your health in danger. Therefore, choosing the right supplement according to the body’s need and condition is crucial.

The two famous legal steroids among bodybuilder are the Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk.  There are many questions for which one is the best bulking supplements. Also, there are plenty rumors regarding the two companies. Of course, people wonder which one is the best since both companies offer almost similar products.

In the current economy, it is no wonder if all of us want to spend the money for the very right thing and make sure to get the best values as possible. This becomes the reason for comparing between Crazy Mass vs Crazy Bulk. This article will discuss anything about both supplements to give you the general idea.

If you are a fitness lover, you will certainly search for legal steroid in the internet. But, did you notice there are two similar products? Yes, that’s Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk. They not only similar with names, and even the name of the products are similar too.

They are both big rivals within the anabolic supplement market, but now they have change some of their product names are similar to the other name.

Crazy Company’s

Crazy mass began in 2006, it provides legal steroids, are used in all natural ingredients is a legitimate company located in US. Its well-known products include bulking and cutting combo stack, Dianabol, Testosterone, T-Bal75 (Crazy-Bulks has change the name to Trenorol)  and Winnidrol and many more.

Crazy Bulk began two years ago, same as Crazy Mass it is also to provide legal steroid. Important to note that their names and product names are similar. It well-known products are also inseparable from D-bol, Testo-Max, Cutting Stack and Bulking Stack..etc

What is Crazy Mass

Crazy Mass is recognized as the leading legal steroid available in the market. It claims to help enhance the muscle grow while you do routine exercise. The supplement also aims to increase bone strength as well as provides an instant energy boost.

As it is a kind of energy booster supplement, Crazy Mass also cures erectile dysfunction problems for people who lack what the supplement provides. In addition, the supplement also helps improve memory and alertness for everyday routine. Crazy Mass also promotes faster wound and scars healing.

Crazy Mass was established in 2006 partnering with Moreniche to produce legal and effective steroids to the market. However, after a while, Moreniche stopped partnering with Crazy Mass. Moreniche Company then established a similar company to the previous one called Crazy Bulk which offers the similar products with similar online service.

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What is Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk is established in 2014 and provides similar products as Crazy mass. The company has great ranges of products to help gain muscle mass. It offers legal and effective steroids for a bodybuilder to get the maximal workout results.

Since the first production, Crazy Bulk has gained the popularity among bodybuilder. The products of Crazy Bulk claims to have effective effect in stimulating muscle growth, sex drive, and stamina. The supplement is taken orally and does not require any injection or any additional harmful substances which may lead to bad effects to users.

In fact, the Crazy Bulk supplements do not contains synthetic or artificial substances and only uses natural ingredients. To top it off, the FDA has approved the products of Crazy Bulk and yes, it is 100% legal and safe. On the other hand, it also provide Crazy Bulk Coupon to all user to save up to 80% on single order or bulk order.

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Why are both so similar?

Both Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk supplements are claimed to be the leading supplement in the market. They both receive great feedback’s from customers. Both companies provide six kinds of supplements with identical ingredients and results as well. It is true that both brands are very similar to each other as these lists.

Instant results – The supplements of Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk claim to have an instant result. The result if muscle gain can be seen within 2 to 4 weeks of use. This makes both supplements stand out from the other supplements.

Legal Steroids – Both Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk sell the supplement known as a legal steroid. In case you are not familiar with it, the legal steroid is an all natural safe alternative to anabolic steroids. It works mimicking the anabolic steroid effects to help increase the body strength and build muscle mass with no side effects.

Anabolic steroid was so popular supplement some years ago until bodybuilder and athletes realized that it has huge downsides. However, the legal steroid as Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk provides all benefits with no side effects and gives brilliant results in building the muscle.

No side effects – Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk boast about being legal steroids which have gained the FDA approval. They claim that the supplements have no side effects because they only use natural ingredients. The legal steroids have instant results as an anabolic steroid but with no side effect.

Price of Crazy Mass VS Crazy Bulk

Crazy Mass – Many people know that the price of Crazy Mass will be higher than Crazy bulk, which is because the role of a single product prices and coupon or discount code .

Undeniably, Crazy Bulk single product is cheaper, but in the field of fitness where it is impossible to use only a single product to get the desired results. Let’s figure illustrates the difference with you.

This is the Cart Total of Crazy Mass. (Buy 2 Get 3rd Free) 2 Testosteroxn and FREE 1 D-BOL + Crazy Mass Coupon Code. Total = $100.48 Free Shipping on US. 

Crazy Mass Coupon Offer ScreenShot

Crazy Bulk Coupon Code

As you see above, Crazy Mass and Crazy bulk are giving out offer to his customer all the time. Both are same offering Buy 2 get 3rd FREE and Free US shipping.

Now you can see what is the different of Crazy Mass vs Crazy Bulk. As a smart consumer, you should know how to choose to buy your anabolic supplement.

How Crazy Mass & Crazy Bulk Provide Discount Offer

Gain muscle, gain weight, fast result, pharmaceutical quality, no side effect, LEGAL Steroids in 1 Place. For muscle builder, this is the right place you at. Compare to Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk, these are the place who always give out Coupon and Discount offer to customer. When you visit their website, sometimes you will receive a pop up windows to let you enjoy 20% to 40% discount code. Or you can get discount code at this website.

Also, you may enjoy Buy 2 Free 1 on any single product or any combo stack with an instant save of  Crazy Bulk Coupon or Crazy Bulk Discount Code.

What you Need to Know

  • About the supplements – Even though the supplements promise instant results with no side effect; it is important to fully understand to take the steroid properly. It is oral pills, so there is no injection required. In addition, the supplements are also available in the market which you can buy them without prescription. However, you need to make sure to see a doctor first before taking the supplements if you have certain health issues. This is important to make sure that there is no complication occurs due to the use of steroid supplement.
  • Dosage – It is extremely important to take the Crazy Bulk or Crazy Mass steroid supplement according to the instruction written in the bottle. Read carefully the dosage requirements in the bottle before taking it. Some supplements are required you to take one or two pills with various methods. It is also important to take the steroids every day according to the dosage even if you are not working out to maximize the result.

Final Verdict

The battle of Crazy Mass vs Crazy Bulk seems endless. Both companies produce the similar steroid supplement from natural ingredients with promising results. The Crazy Bulk provides supplements for both women and men while Crazy Mass does not mention clearly.

From the pricing, Crazy Mass costs slightly expensive from Crazy Bulk. At the end of the day, the choice which steroids supplement to choose is hundred percent personal preferences. Choose one which you think gives you the most results for your body and overall health.


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