Chinup Mask Review – Does it Really Reduce Double Chin?

Chinup Mask Coupon

Chinup Mask Review

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ChinUp Mask Coupon

ChinUp Mask Coupon

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The Wonder Of ChinUp Mask

The sagging of the skin is a common effect most people often experience when age sets in. One of the most common and most recognized places where this often happens is at the jaw line. At this time, you will discover that the once firm and youthful jaw line will begin to lose its solidity and firmness.

Today, the introduction of a revolutionary new non-surgical instant facelift known as “Chin Up Mask” is reversing the course of this natural effect. It has proven to be very effective in slimming, lifting contour and firming the skin around the chin, cheeks, and neck. With regular use of Chin Up Mask, you can effectively reduce your chin area by a centimeter.

What is Chin Up Mask?

In both meanings of the word, “ChinUp Mask – Double Chin Reducer” is a non-surgical mask that involves the use of a slimming band or elasticated mask to carry out a cellulite treatment that is rubbed into the skin of the face. Even if you’ve got excess skin on your chin, this shaping program is specifically designed to help get rid of that stubborn double-chin look.

According to its press release, the product only takes 30 minutes to remove 1cm of fat from the chin, neck and face which is the minimum time you leave the mask on.

Chinup mask - Beauty & Health ReviewThese days, there are many lines of “weight loss” products that are basically produced by multiple cosmetics companies. These products are made to not just mold your body but distribute the fat in your skin in a less noticeable way.

Pomegranate is one of the real fruit extracts that are included in this product. Due to its ability to prevent additional damage, reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of wrinkled skin, pomegranate has remained one of the most essential ingredients needed for most cellulite treatments.

It is easy to realize why this ingredient is so necessary to this system. Thanks to its wondrous attributes. Between the ingredients and the mask, the product provides natural antimicrobials and antioxidants that can help you lose excess chin fat within the shortest possible time (30 minutes).

The formula also includes additional fruit extracts that help to boost the results of a non-surgical instant face lift by firming, contouring, moisturizing, lifting and slimming the skin around the chin, jaw, cheeks, and neck. While providing your face with a more angular contour, its results can last several days at a time. The process can also be repeated as at when necessary.

How does it work

Chinup mask - how to useAs a way of promoting the regeneration of skin, the Q10 coenzyme tends to moisturize those areas that are dehydrated or dry with anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing properties by stimulating cell strengthening.

In order to uplift the face instantly, the specially formulated Skintronics serum focuses on improving the density of collagen and cell tension by converting fat cells in fibrous tissue around the chin, jaw and cheeks.

In the Double Chin Reducer Pack, you will find a tape measure, a slimming band and a mask. During this process, you are expected to use the tape measure to take two measurements – before and after – from ear to ear.

These measurements should be taken under your skin and in front of your chin. You are not required to mix or apply any mask as most of the work has already been done for you. Inside the sachet, you will find a layer of fabric on which the mask has already been applied.

After taken your measurements, you are expected to place the fabric on your chin and neck before stretching the slimming band over the top. You will discover that the band does not only pull everything upwards but makes facial movements more or less impossible and may also feel very tight.

chinup mask - how to use You may even find it difficult to smile. Don’t even think of making a phone call with this strap on. You might just need to sit it out as it won’t work. You don’t need to worry about applying this mask on your skin as it has got numerous ingredients and several fruit extracts you may be very familiar with.

Along with vitamin E, the mask contains an active ingredient called Corum 9235. This ingredient is capable of promoting the loss of fat and stimulating the absorption of serum.

Surprisingly, the smell may not be as pleasant as you think. You may be expecting to have a warm sensation, but it is important to note that you may end up having a hot feeling depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

Although the process may not be so comfortable, however, you will be amazed when you discover that the mask did exactly as it promised. In order to achieve better and long-lasting results, it is recommended to repeat the process every other day for a week.

No doubt, if you want to look your best for a night out, ChinUp will make a good solution. As long as you do not have a reaction to the ingredients, you can always continue with this product to establish a great look.

Step by step guide you can follow to use this Double Chin Reducer

  1. Use the enclosed tape measure to measure your chin from ear to ear both underneath the chin and across.
  2. Take out the mask after cutting open the sachet. Apply it on your face with the smaller parts on the chin and the larger on the cheeks.
  3. While ensuring that the colored part of the slimming band is on the outside, do well to keep the band underneath the chin.
  4. Adjust each hold for the ears and tighten the slimming band.
  5. Be sure to fasten the slimming band tightly after pulling it over the head.
  6. Allow for a period of about 30 – 40 minutes before taking off the mask slowly from the edges.
  7. Try to absorb the remaining cream into the skin by massaging the jaw and neck area.
  8. Record your result and know how much you have lost by retaking the measurements of your chin.

ChinUp mask is not very easy to use but highly effective in reducing the appearance of your chin fat.


Neck lift without surgery with this double chin reducer

Although, it is not terrible to have some saggy skin in the neck, but it can be holding you back from certain things in life – including your career – by making you look older. But now, you can safely improve your look without even having to pass under a knife.

chinup mask - before and afterChinUp is an effective non-invasive procedure anyone can follow to tighten skin on the neck and under the chin. It has proven to be an effective means of improving the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the décolletage.

From your brow to your neck, ChinUp can help you achieve an attractive, youthful look. It harnesses the power of pressure to transform the chin, jaw, cheeks and neck.

ChinUp of course, has been safely used by countless number of people and has proven to be one of the safest methods of neck lift without surgery.

From free radicals, acting as an antioxidant to enhance improved moisturizing and elasticity to the skin, the ChinUp mask is enriched with Vitamin E to protect skin cells from free radicals. The process involves the application of a slimming mask to the chin and neck which is firmly held in place by a stretchy slimming band for at least 30 minutes at a time.

While helping to mold your jaw line into an appealingly attractive smoothness, ChinUp comes with a strap that helps to hold up your chin and keep it in place for a period of about 30 minutes. Along with the strap, this system contains certain useful nutrients that foster the process of obliterating excess skin and fat.


A list of application ingredients contained in ChinUp Mask package include:

Vitamin E

Naturally, vitamin E provides protection between the skin and free radicals that can adversely affect the complexion of your skin. While acting as an antioxidant, this vitamin also protects the formulation of the product and improves skin elasticity and smoothness. It also has the ability to protect and moisturize the skin.

Corum 9235

When you apply a ChinUp mask on your skin, you will feel a warm sensation. This is what this chemical does. It also promotes the loss of chin fat and stimulates the absorption of serum.

Q10 Coenzyme

While promoting skin regeneration, this enzyme is designed to stimulate cell strengthening. It contains powerful antioxidants that can repair dry and dehydrated skin. To this end, the Q10 Coenzyme formula can help to prevent your skin from looking old and becoming wrinkled.


ChinUp designed Skintronics as a system aimed at promoting the contouring process and facilitating the release of fat. The Skintronics serum is capable of making any edema under the chin, jaw and cheeks to appear much less obvious by transitioning fat into a stable fibrous tissue. Additionally, it can instantly lift and firm the skin and help to boost the density of collagen and cell tension.

Benefits of Using Chinup Mask

ChinUp mask is a specially formulated face mask that employs the latest scientific developments in pressure technology to efficiently absorb excess fat and tighten loose skin on the chin and neck area.

It does this by lifting and firming the shape of the face, enhancing the facial flow of blood and remodeling the face into a more refined shape after burning up extra fat. These results are obvious and instantaneous.

The package contains a tape measure for measuring the chin before and after use. Vitamin E is one essential active ingredient that is contained in the product. While helping to protect the skin from free radicals, it also provides protection for carrier oil from lipid peroxidation as well as product formulation.

Due to the presence of vitamin E in the product which acts as an antioxidant, ChinUp tends to offer improved skin smoothness and elasticity. Apart from promoting the loss of fat in the chin and stimulating the absorption of serum, Corum 9235 always gives a warming sensation when applied to the skin.

Even on a dry and dehydrated skin, ChinUp mask can offer an immediate relief because it contains Q10 which has got strong antioxidant effects as well as anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing properties. Generally, ChinUp mask is relevant and effective in aiding the contouring process and facilitating fat release. Thanks to the presence of Skintronics.

The Skintronics serum helps to ease the edema located under the chin, jaw and cheeks by converting fat into stabilized fibrous tissue. While lifting and firming up to 20% of the skin on the face, ChinUp mask also helps to boost the density of cell tension and collagen.

Why not choose surgery to remove double chin

If want to remove double chin by surgery, must read this before go to the hospital.

Surgery can remove fat tissue accumulation to improve facial appearance to achieve the purpose. But this will be consequences it?

Liposuction – Liposuction is a fine job. First, we need a professional doctor to help you complete the liposuction surgery, Before surgery must through 3D imaging device simulation to design the most suitable for your chin liposuction program.

Liposuction is prick a tiny hole through skin, use a negative pressure to remove subcutaneous fat under the body skin. As for the double chin liposuction, it’s not simple as body liposuction.

Double chin liposuction need to consider your face shape, if necessary and cheek liposuction need to do together to achieve the best purpose to cut double chin.

Surgery may occur sequelae

  1. Chin area have a lot of vessels, usually will appear plaque congestion
  2. Infection may occur
  3. Skin lesion appears numbness or pain
  4. Professional level of doctors and hospital equipment differences may lead to undesirable postoperative results
  5. Induration and subcutaneous vascular network due to damage caused by pigmentation
  6. Uneven suction may occur after the swelling need to do repair surgery.
  7. Sucking too deep can cause nerve damage


Today, the market is saturated with many products that claim to be able to lift one area of the skin and tighten another area.

However, you can be able to train your skin and tighten the tissue around your chin to achieve an edge and definitive line over time when you have the right device with active ingredients.

The perfect product for this is Double Chin Reducer “ChinUp Mask”!


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