9 Bad habits that make you fat!

9 Bad habits that make you fat!
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There is no need any reason for weight loss, it is about personal affairs. But because of some social pressure, it has formed a legitimate reason.
We all know obesity will increase the burden on the heart, affect overall image and will linked to the stupid, lazy or nothing to do. Now let us talk about some bad habits that make you fat!

Bad Habits That Make You Fat

Let yourself go hungry
Having one meal a day. Why eat only one meal has become a bad thing? Let imagine you are in a prison, only when the guards remember of you then will send you meal. So what would you do when there was a meal? Store food!
Because you do not know when the next time will have food to eat. The same reason, if you often eat only a meal per day, the body will form the inertia of stored food which will lead us to fat.
Having meal at night
Eating at night will increase human weight, even you have a good diet and active exercise. Since human beings have electric lighting, many people like to having the main meal at night. Many nutrition experts also believe that evening food is one of the factors of weight gain. When to eat, may be as important as what to eat.
Not used to go toilet
Many people forget to go toilet when work. Is you the one? A person who often hold urinate, the body toxins will increase 5 to 10 times. May also cause great impact at gastrointestinal motility, kidney metabolism and liver metabolism.
People who used to it on holding must have waist and abdomen fat, thigh thick phenomenon. This is because it has been always sitting or standing, a lot of toxins and fat accumulation in these parts. If want to have a smooth detoxification, first respect the body of the detoxification system.
Air conditioning
Regulate the heat mechanism has been block. Because of the air conditioning, we can always stay in a constant temperature environment. So that our body do not need to adjust the temperature.
But if the temperature is low, our body will automatically consume fat to keep warm, if the temperature high, our appetite will reduced. So when our heat regulation mechanism blocked, it make us more easy to obese.
Eating too fast
Must know that, there is not let the stomach to tell you have eaten enough food, is the brain sends you a signal to tell you have eaten enough. Unfortunately, the connection between the brain and the body has a 20 minute delay.
That is, you will only feel that after you have actually eaten for 20 minutes. The faster you eat, the more you eat. Because you do not give the brain an opportunity to tell you that you are full. So, eat should be chewing slowly.
Lack of water
Metabolism requires water to burn fat, so if body lack of water, it is a bad habit that make you fat. Under normal circumstances, a person should drink at least eight glasses of water a day!
In fact, weight loss is not how much you eat, but how you eat. It is great if you can having a good diet plan.
Finished the rest of the food
Slender girls can always be very accurate control of their own food intake, even if the food can not finish. If you are not willing to waste it, you should consider your own food intake before order. 
Because when the stomach feels 60% -70% full, it is already reached 90% -100% full. But the brain takes some time to receive the signal from stomach then only sent you the information. That’s how people always say eat 70% full is enough.
Sit for a long time
Girls who know how to keep their great body, always looking for somethings to do. Side tea pouring, go outside the office to have a breathe or go to the bathroom.
Although these little trick can not consume any calories, but get up to have some movement to let the blood circulation and prevent belly fat. It is very beneficial to weight loss itself.
Sitting for a long time will not only make the blood circulation obstruction. And also make the body local edema, this is the most likely lead to obesity.
Used to eat the last meal of the day at bedtime
This is the bad habit that make you fat. Do not eat for 3-4 hours before going to bed, it can avoid food accumulation in the body become fat! Not only having a meal but also smart to having a meal. It can our weight more efficient to go down!
Recommended to do some stretching exercises before going to bed, this can consume some calories and a better sleep. Also to stay out of these bad habits that make you fat!

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