Anadrol Results

Anadrol Results

Anadrol Tablets was first developed to treat anemia and weight loss caused by various diseases. From this it can seen that it has an effective weight gain, increased appetite, increase strength and increase the number of red blood cells.

Anadrol Tablets like other anabolic steroids like also have some disadvantages. If excessive will leading to headaches. Paradoxically, its producer syntax declared that Anadrol Tablets can help gain weight by increasing appetite.

Anadrol Tablets Effects

Anadrol on the human body have both advantages and disadvantages. It is a DHT derived compound, also belong to the 17-aa steroids. Changes occurring in the 17 carbon chain can make it resistant to oral ingestion.

Most oral steroids are 17-aa steroids, this allows them to smoothly through the liver in a useful form. Sounds great ! Wish that all steroids are 17-aa! But if you think so, there will be side effects.

Anadrol Pros And Cons

17-aa steroids may be in the form of oral medication through the liver, But it also caused the pressure to the liver. So, how Anadrol can help weight gain?

There have been a 30 weeks experiment, can see that the side effects exist. But, Anadrol side effects has never been the focus of debate.

First, we note that the experimental sample is the AIDS patients who loss a lot of the weight. The use of Anadrol help them increased more than eight kilograms of body weight and mental state has also been improve, and the patients in the control group continued to loss weight.

If you as an ill patient, in such an experiment in certainly do not want to stay in the control group. Experiment by focusing peaked 19-20 weeks, ten weeks remaining little progress.

Taking into account the Anadrol hepatotoxicity, we generally do not do a maximum of 30 weeks cycle. It is recommended to use four to eight weeks, strong tolerance people can considered eight weeks or more.

From experience, for Anadrol Cycle first three weeks of weight gain effect is exaggerate, after it will become stabilized. Can not be exceeded, or else its will cause side effects such as headache, edema and high blood pressure during the entire duration of the cycle.

Anadrol will cause side effects if over doses, but still can avoid and control it. Studies have shown that 100 mg dose have virtually no side effects.

Dan Duchaine in the Under Ground Steroid Hand Book that he had taken 150 milligrams per day. Obviously Anadrol hepatotoxicity has been exaggerate, but for health reasons, it is recommended to use no more than 10 weeks period.

Anadrol Tablets Cycle

Anadrol results are generally used as a start in front of the entire Cycle.  Because it is quick and can be coordinate with other steroids produce a stronger anabolic effect.

For most people, the 50 mg daily dose is enough. For experienced user  will increased to 100 mg per day, but the novice must start from the low dose.

Just enough intake of food, 50mg or 100mg also can bring alarming progress. For Muscle building an increase of 20 pounds a month is not a dream.

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