7 Habit For Skin Care Without Any Cosmetics

Although there are daily ordinary things, it might not deliberate think after be a habit. As long as we did every day within a few months, you will find out your skin become better.

7 Habit For Skin Care Without Any Cosmetics

Skin care is actually simple, just 7 little things to keep in mind.

7 Habit For Skin Care - a glass of waterHabit 1 – At least a glass of water each morning and evening . A cup of water at morning can clean the intestinal tract for the loss of water at night.  At Evening a cup of water able to guarantee overnight blood not because of lack of water to become viscosity. Blood viscosity will speed up brain hypoxia, Pigment deposition, so aging may come early. So, the role of drinking water every night can not be underestimated.

7 Habit For Skin Care - Tomatoes

Habit 2 – Tomatoes are the highest content of vitamin C in fruits and vegetables. So at least guarantee a tomato a day to meet the daily need of vitamin C.

7 Habit For Skin Care - vinegar 1

Habit 3 –  Three meals a day in vinegar can delay the occurrence of hardening of the arteries. Has repeated many times at health knowledge. And if your house water quality is relative hard, you can put a little bit of vinegar in your morning wash water to play the role of beauty.

7 Habit For Skin Care - yogurt

Habits 4 – A cup of yogurt every day. From the angle of calcium perspective, woman is most likely a group of lack of calcium. Calcium from milk is better than any kind of food especially yogurt, it more easy absorbed by the human body. So women should ensure that a cup of yogurt every day.

7 Habit For Skin Care - mineral water

Habit 5 – A bottle of mineral water.  Must make sure it is mineral water.  Mineral water contains trace elements and minerals that your skin needs most. After cleaning up your face, use a clean gauze, Wet it with water mineral water, then apply to the face until the gauze is dry. Repeat the step few times equivalent to the face to do a nutritional supplement trace elements.


Habits 6 –  A bag of tea every day. Women must drink tea if there is no stomach problems, green tea and oolong tea is best, especially women who want to lose weight. Tea is the most natural, most effective weight loss agent, and nothing better than tea to cut intestinal fat.

7 Habit For Skin Care - simple mask

Habits 7 –  Do a simple mask every night before going to bed. It help is to clean the dirt in the face and make the skin-tight. Then coated with skin care products, so that your skin at night can get most scientific repair.

Another point to note is: Can not sleep too late especially over 23 o’clock. Because from 22:00 to 5:00 is the best time to repair the skin, and sleep is the most effective for repair skin.

So, if you your sleeping time over 23:00, even you wake up late at the next day, you has missed the best skin care time.

If you can follow the above 7 Habit for skin care, coupled with the habit of going to bed early. Soon, you will see the effect about natural beauty.

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