6 Food Do Not Eat During Period

6 Food Do Not Eat During Period

6 Food Do Not Eat During Period in the monthly menstrual period, women need to be careful on their food because of physiological dysmenorrhea it is easy to make women feel uncomfortable.

Therefore, to avoid a lot of female friends tasted the pain, you need to understand the physiology of the food taboos. Many women are also particularly concerned about menstrual health. Here are some do not eat food list to help.


Many women like to eat chocolate. But in life there is a wrong idea: chocolate can relieve pain. Chocolate not only cause weight gain, it also will increase the absorption of vitamin b. Eating chocolate will consume the body’s vitamin b and may lead to unstable blood sugar, affect the balance of hormones.


Watermelon is a cold fruit. Eating watermelon during menstruation will cause impede digestion. Watermelon contains a lot of water, amino acids and sugars. It has the effect of clearing body heat. But during period better not to eat cold foods.


Persimmon also is cold fruit, it easy to combine with iron affecting the body absorption of iron. It can lead to physical discomfort and has the hemostasis effectiveness. Menstruation should pay attention to add iron and should not eat persimmons. It will cause dysmenorrhea. Persimmon is rich in sucrose, fructose, cellulose and other carbohydrates, also contains nutrients protein, calcium, phosphorus.


Pepper are spicy food, it easy to stimulate blood vessels to dilate, leading to early menstruation and menorrhagia. During menstruation  try to eat light food and not spicy food. During menstruation, female will feel tired, digestive function decline, poor appetite. At this time, we should pay attention to light diet, avoid fried, hot, sour and spicy food to avoid affecting digestion, causing menorrhagia.


Salty foods will cause the body’s salt and water reserving increase, before menstruation cramps can cause headaches, irritability , agitation and other symptoms. In ordinary life should avoid eating too much salt, to avoid adding to the burden on the kidneys. Too much salt can cause high blood pressure, edema, colds, heart and other hazards.

Green Tea

When period time, menstrual blood contains high hemoglobin, plasma proteins and hemoglobin, after the female menstrual. So, female will lose a lot of iron. Green tea contains more than 30% of tannic acid. This is easy and iron ions in the intestines, intestinal mucosa absorption of iron ions to cause breast tenderness, anxiety, irritability and mood swings. And also deplete the body store of vitamin B, destroy carbohydrate metabolism.

Women in the menstrual period can not eat what? Above six food that women in the menstrual period can not eat. I hope you can pay attention to, whether it is the chocolate, watermelon or persimmon. Also hope to pay attention to eat healthy, eating light, less salt and get more info about what to eat during period.

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