4 Step to Female Orgasm

Indeed, the female vaginal orgasm than the clitoris or G spot climax is much more difficult. After all, G spot and the clitoris is female sensitive point, as long as man repeatedly stimulated the accumulation of pleasure, it is easy to climax.

And relative to the vagina is not so sensitive. If the man does not stimulate the clitoris and G point of the case, the woman’s pleasure is not so strong.
Therefor, women want vaginal orgasm, man must not stimulate the clitoris and G points and non-stop movement. This is the test of both men and women physical strength and man’s endurance.
If women clitoris or G spot climax can be achieved, then the vagina orgasm in general can be met and can not be met. If man wants the woman climax, then personally think we must do the following:

4 step to female orgasm 

1. Man must be durable, man must be durable, man must be durable. Important thing must say three times. This is the most important, because the woman climax takes time. Man must be very good performance
2. In the long-term husband and wife life, find the woman’s easy climax posture and thrusting way. Every women orgasm position is different, you need to find it by your self, unless she already have a wealth of experience in orgasm, then she will tell you. Similarly, the pose, thrusting speed and depth is also the key to women can have orgasm. Kissing sensitive parts such as breast, neck, lips to enhance female pleasure.
3. Female must total devotion. Can’t have what is call shame, dirty, deal with. Must total devotion from the body to the heart. You have to love sex, sex is fun and happy. Not to meet each other’s desires to make love. Is you also want to do it, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, to let loose a little in front of love.
3. Women have sex to get orgasm is the next sex time power. If no orgasm, don’t know how many women were interested in doing it. Over time libido will drop, whenever that is to please your partner, it is more difficult to have orgasm.
4. Once started, the man entered her body. Focus, don’t talk, both must total devotion, woman dedicated to pleasure, man intent on letting her reach an orgasm.

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