10 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Needless to say, weight loss has become a topic of gossip we always talk about. It has become the main theme of life for many people. But for most people still do not have much knowledge on this 10 Common Weight Loss Mistakes.

Just know that exercise can lose weight, but how to do exercise? Do not know how to divide time and starting to loss weight in a wrong direction. If you stick to the wrong direction, it will not be successful loss weight.

Weight Loss Plan 

Weight loss is a long way, not two or three days will be able to achieve. So must have to give our self a customized weight loss program. There are a lot of exercise to lose weight such as: Hiit weight loss program, running, swimming, cycling and so on..

The hiit is the best training for weight loss if you have not much time for out-door training. The process of movement can burn fat in a long period of time after the end of the movement can sustained fat burning.

Hiit is currently the world’s most popular weight loss aerobic exercise at home. Hiit training through different actions, a combination of different groups times, allowing you to reach the heart rate quickly, burn fat, achieve weight loss goal.

There are the many type of hiit training program, each person is free to choose according to their physical fitness. Have our own weight loss program and you will feel movement easier and more likely to stick with and slowly will fall in love with the training.

Partial Lose Weight?

Many people set their first goal at belly and arms. To lose belly fat, desperately do sit-ups, thinking that it will be able to cut down the belly fat. In fact, this is a big mistake.

Sit-ups besides to effective abdominal training. There is no effect for  weight loss and belly fat.

No matter which part of the body we want to loss fat. We need to do whole body fat burning training, only the body fat rate dropped, less body fat you will have to archer your goal. Brief summary: Reduced fat must do the whole body, increasing muscle only can partially.

Sweating means losing weight?

This is also a common misconception. Sweating is a physiological phenomenon of heat, human will sweating when your is overheating. It was nothing to do with weight loss.

If you find yourself become lighter after exercise, do not think that you weight loss starting to success. It is only because you body losing water.

Diet to Lose Weight!

Dieting to lose weight is an unhealthy way. Although you can rapidly decreased your weight in a short time, but as long as you return to normal diet, your weight will rebound quickly even fatter than before.

And because insufficient supply of nutrients, the body is also prone to the disease, it is not worth to try diet to lose weight.

Not Eating Main Meal!

No diet to lose weight, So how about not eating main meal? Just eat fruits and vegetables to lose weight?

It is also not possible. If you eat a lot of non-staple food, even if do not eat main meal. Not only can not lose weight, your weight will gain. Why? Because body fat is due to excess calories, not about the staple food.

Aerobic Exercise Must Be More Than 40 minutes?

Many people would have a wrong perception. In fact, weight loss means we need to put any energy consumption and heat out of the body is consider a role of weight loss. So, for doing exercise,  you do 1 minute or 5 minutes there are also have the weight loss effect.

But why is there a 40-minute awareness of it? That is because when the proportion of the body for energy issues. When doing aerobic exercise, the beginning is glycogen as the main energy supply and fat is auxiliary energy supply.

When you exercise for 20 minutes, the proportion of fat for energy will increase. So that only after 20 minutes of aerobic exercise will burn body fat. In fact, as long as do any movement, it will always burn fat, no matter when we walking, climbing stairs, mopping the floor and so on. As long as you move, The calories will keep burning.

Girls do not need Muscle Building?

While doing muscle training is to increase muscle-based, but for losing weight is also useful. Muscle can improve body’s basal metabolism. So, if want to improve your fat burning effect, basal metabolism is also important.

Reminder: Make yourself looks good, girls do not need to worry about the president of a large muscle. Muscle is not that easy to gain as you think.

Fat Become Muscle, Muscle Become Fat

This is simple. Muscle and fat are two different substances, the muscles won’t become body fat and body fat won’t become muscle.

The main component of muscle is an amino acid but the main component of the fat is composed of lipid compounds CHO. So, thin people who eat to gain muscle, first have to gain some weight “not fat” to increase muscle.

Aerobic exercise only reduced fat? 

Yes, aerobic exercise can reduce the fat, but also consume muscle. So, after an excessive aerobic exercise, appropriate to add some protein.

This is why that girl is also necessary to have a  strength training. Because when you do aerobic exercise, when fat reduce, it will also lose muscle and reduce your basal metabolism.

So adding a strength training to maintained muscle growth to make sustained and effective weight loss.

Stay up late to lose weight?

Late at night, there are two cases, 1) Always “slim”, 2) Hard to get slim. This mainly decide on body physique.

But staying up late is no benefit for weight loss process, we have to ensure a good rest. Because you exercise during the day, when you sleep body still can continue to burn fat.

If you did not sleep well at night, the next day the spirit of the inevitable bad metabolism will be left behind, your basal metabolism will drop. Day after day, your body will be getting worse. No matter how many Weight Loss Supplement you take, the weight loss plan will not success.

Remember to avoid this 10 common weight loss mistakes to reach your weight loss goal.

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